Here is a picture too spacious for any frame, the space of human fear – infinity of element and lines. Lines, which do not determine any “to” because there is no place for the purpose on the horizon, if we understand it as a point. It is a place of contemplation, trusty staying on the border of two distances: the sky and the sea.

Into this landscape a cube is thrown – the line, which closes that, what the other sets free. The cube can only look to the inside. It fixes its gaze inwards, to the point, which distracts the glance. Its truth is the constantly changing slice of an innate whole. In the cube, each wave brings anxiety – is new, different, and unknown. Outside the cube, there is certainty and evidence of the sea.

The cube, however, is half-open, so the space of awareness also belongs to what is on the outside. What is being materialized is Heideggerian metaphor of being as a clearance, where a man can be put by the awareness of his own closure.

The work of Piotr Duma is the story of the liberation, which gives the awareness of enslavement. The story, which is replayed again and again, as long as the cube exists. As long as the understanding born inside can confront with its denial. Through the door ajar.